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was “Imagined, Created and Built” by Kendra & Matthew Randall, a dynamic husband and wife team that met when they were 13 years old in science class. In essence, their love flourished from STEM education.

Middle School

Matt, a registered Professional Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional in Charleston, understands the importance of early exposure to STEM education and the impact it can have on our children’s future. It just seemed natural when they had the idea to combine his enthusiasm for engineering and their love of children to form , a Lego® Learning Center.


Behind every great business model; there is a marketing whiz- and that is Kendra! Her team has successfully obtained contracts with 55 schools in the Charleston area in less than two years. Kendra has a keen understanding of how to market in a way that brings results. In addition to her exceptional marketing prowess, Kendra is a caring mother of two beautiful children and brings the drive and passion that makes a success. "When you've got a great brand and a greater cause, amazing things will happen! When meeting with a new school, I emphasize why our brand is superior; because whatever business you're going into, whether it's educational services or retail, you won't be the only one. [But] is truly unique, and I try to pull that out." Prior to playing with Legos®, Kendra was a travel, art, decorating and gym enthusiast during her 10 years of experience in public relations and marketing. She joined Barnes & Noble Booksellers as Community Relations Manager after graduation from the College of the Holy Cross.

provides project-based programs to teach the principles and methods of engineering, architecture, math and science using Lego® Bricks. It takes learning out of the pages of the textbook and into an imaginative, 3-dimensional, hands-on fun learning experience! The kids build from full-color proprietary model plans which introduce developmentally appropriate concepts ranging from counting, patterning, and recognizing colors and shapes at the preschool level to working with custom made simple machine Lego® kits, creating machines working with gears and technic pieces as well as programing robots at the elementary and middle school levels. At we strive to develop effective problem solving skills and provide an opportunity for creative expression that encourages teamwork while building self-confidence. Our programs provide an extraordinary outlet for children to build unique models, learn new team building skills and problem solving strategies, and have a ton of fun building with Lego® bricks.