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was founded in 2011 in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Since that time it has grown in popularity with its customers. The concept is founded on the principles of outstanding customer service and the highest quality learning experience, in a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Our learning centers are able to operate well on small staffs in a retail space from 1,400 – 2,400 square feet. Assistance with site selection will be provided, as well as guidance through your opening and ongoing operations. As the owners of the Franchiser, we also operate stores and are hands on every day to build the brand and the system. Our commitment to successful franchisees is the same as our commitment to our customers and standards of operation.

We will provide each franchisee:

  • Double Territory - Based on zip codes and schools in the area
  • Extensive training
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Assistance with hiring
  • Assistance with your learning center opening
  • 's proprietary Operations Manual
  • Vendor contacts
  • 's Child Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
  • One week comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training program
  • Use of name, logo and trademarks
  • Guidance on how to obtain contracts with public and private schools
  • Lesson plans/curriculum for 's core classes
  • Birthday Party Operations Manual
  • Lesson plans/curriculum for 's camps
  • Blueprints for marketing and advertising materials
  • Guidelines for setting up your business
  • Overview of successful sales techniques
  • Overview of daily operating procedures
  • Observation of 's classes
  • Guidelines for class scheduling & logistics
  • Assist with teacher/employee training
  • Company website
  • Daily operational and marketing support
  • Four business days of set-up coordination at your learning center with experienced Staff. As well as on site business development training and visits to local schools. School visits will be set-up prior by franchisee.

Training Dates: August 2012, September 2012

Minimium Capital Requirement:

Initial investment for a Learning Center can run from to depending on your lease, build out, and other factors. This informational brochure is not an offer to sell you a franchise. An offer to sell a franchise can only be made by delivering to you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document. For more information, please call Matt at 843-367-6428.