Open Play

Join us at the Learning Center for Open Lego® Lab !

For scheduled two hour increments, children can be dropped off at the center for open creative Lego® play! The cost is $15 per builder or purchase a Lego® Lab Punch Card, good for eleven visits for $125. Siblings of builders can drop-in for a reduced rate of $10. Children age 4 and older are welcome to stay without parental supervision. Space is limited to 25 children, so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time.

We have
  • Several Lego® Building Stations
  • Awesome Car Ramp
  • Duplo® Blocks
  • Giant Soft Blocks – Perfect for Building and Knocking Over
  • Lego® Building Wall- Build Your Creation on Our Wall
  • Lego® Board Games
  • Computers
  • Tons of Lego® Sets with Instructions

  • Parents Night Out

    Parents, treat yourself to a night out, and treat your kids to an evening at the Lego® Learning Center!

    This incredible evening for your children is filled with a variety of fun games, activities, crafts and best of all Lego®'s! And don’t worry about food – we’ll take care of that too!!

    All activities are well organized, supervised, and include pizza & drinks!

    Ages 4-12. Cost: $25 per child / $15 for siblings. Limit to 25 children.